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This application is intended to improve the overall design flow for people who are often working with Signal Transition Graphs (STG). It is partly the product of a lab course in computer science at the Technical University of Denmark, DTU.

From our own experience designing control circuits using the STG model, we recognized the need for a tool that could streamline the path from initial idea to final circuit specification. Usually people working in this field also depend heavily on Petrify.


VSTGL is a GUI for designing and simulating signal transistion graphs. Features include:
  • Easy GUI design of STG's.
  • Simulate the network.
  • Export to Petrify file format.
  • Run Petrify directly on the graph.
  • Export the graph in encapsulated PostScript format.

Who is using VSTGL

Our users are mainly from the academic world. It has been used for courses in asynchronous design, books, articles and presentations. For an annotated list of users please see our list of references.

Obtaining the software

VSTGL can be downloaded from the SourceForge release page. Since VSTGL is released under the General Public License (GPL), the source code is also available. You are encouraged to submit patches and improvements. Please use the developer page at Source Forge to report bugs, feature requests and submit patches.
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