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The VSTGL Frequently Asked Questions (and answers)

In this section a list of questions - and answers - is presented to give the user a quick solution to some basic problems.

If you have any suggestions for further Q's and A's you are more than welcome to send them to hanspp at or frankild at

Q1: Why does the following error message show, when I try to run VSTGL?

petri: error in loading shared libraries cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

A1: It is due to VSTGL being dynamically linked to the Qt library, but the program was unable to locate the library. Either Qt is not installed (correctly) on your system, or you forgot to set the environment variable LD_LIBRARY_PATH as described in the install section.

Q2: When I save my drawing not all of the markings are saved?

A2: It is because markings on hidden places for the time being is not saved in the .stg or .g files. This will probably change in the next release.

Q3: Why is it not always possible to move some components?

A3: VSTGL can be in different edit states. You have to make sure that VSTGL is in the move state by either to choose Mode -> Move from the menu, or simply press m on the keyboard.

Q4: Why is it not possible to open a .g file?

A4: Petrify uses a file format, .g files, which only contains information about the function of the STG. VSTGL needs the component positions to make a graphical representation of the STG. We just might implement an .g import feature which will do some sort of automagical lay-out based on heuristics. But only if it is needed by our users. Feedback please :-)

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