Visual STG Lab

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Here are some helpfull short-cuts for the use of VSTGL.



[Left-click] on component.
Multi-select: Press [Ctrl]  and [Left-click] on several components.

Insert net components

[Right-click] on the white drawing area and chose Add Transition / Add Place.

Deleting components

Select one or more components and press the Del-key.

Connecting components

Dragging the mouse while pressing [Space + left-mouse] from one component to another. Creates a connection.

Toggle tokens

[Right-click] on the place and chose Token

Toggle visibility for places

[Right-click] on the place and chose Visible


Assigning signals to transitions

[Double-click] on transition to edit properties.

Adding signals

[Double-click] on transition to open the properties dialog box. Here new signals can be added to the STG.

Renaming signals

[Double-click] on signals in the signal-tree (left side of application) to open the signal property dialog box.
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