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Tutorial 2

Attaching signals and handle tokens

We assume that you have already carried out tutorial 1 in order to follow this tutorial on binding signals to transitions and putting tokens on places.

Step 1:

Double-click the top Transition - see figure 1.3 - and a property box will appear as showed in figure 2.1.

1: Enter the signal name "request" in the new signal field.
2: Press the Add button to create the signal.
3: Select the newly created signal from the Available Signals listbox.
4: Press Plus(+) at the Signal & Event field.
5: Select the input signal status from the Signal & Event status listbox.

Figure 2.1

Step 2:

Now attach the same "request" signal to the lower Transition.

1: Double-click on the lower transition and select "request" from the Available Signals listbox.
2: Select Minus(-) event for this Transition.

Now the STG should appear as shown in figure 2.2.

Figure 2.2
Step 3:

Finally add a token by double-clicking on P1.

To simulate the network press the z-key. Transitions just fired are colored to trace events.

Note: In versions prior to 0.3.2 the fire key was f.

Figure 2.3

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